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Pricing  (All Inclusive - Feeding, Play Time & Medication):

  • $20 per day for dogs [7a-7p]

  • $15 per day for cats and other pets [7a-7p]


Our daycare service is the perfect solution for the pet owner who is on the move and needs someone to look after their pets during the day. With 12 hours of daycare offered from 7a-7p, your pets can have a mini vacation for themselves whether you are out enjoying yourself or at work. We even have a Pet Taxi that will come to you to pick up your pets!


The pets receive the same type of benefits that the overnight guests receive, including playtime with the other pets and staff several times a day.


 What do you need when you bring your pet? Here is a helpful checklist advising you what to bring with your pet:

  • Their every day food and treats (easier on their gentle stomachs)

  • Toys and bedding - even a shirt that smells like you

  • Any medication they will need

  • Dogs must be vaccinated for rabies, bordatella and DHLPP [distemper, hepatitis, leptospirosis, parainfluenza and parvovirus] 

  • Cats must be vaccinated for rabies, feline leukemia, FVRCP

  • If your pet has fleas upon arrival, it will be given a flea treatment at your cost

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